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Three limited editions of the BIC 4 Colours pen in bronze.

Renowned for their longstanding history and French know-how, the iconic brands BIC® and Maison Tournaire have teamed up to create exclusive and limited editions of the BIC® 4 Colours pens in bronze.

Since its inception in 1970, the BIC 4 Colours pen has been a timeless object. Now it is adorned by the jeweler Mathieu Tournaire.

This unique collaboration has resulted in two designs made from the jeweler’s emblematic collections and one exclusive creation to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the BIC 4 Colours pen.

It’s the perfect gift for Christmas, a birthday, a celebration, a graduation ceremony or to mark a special occasion.


The bronze model "Engrenages" (gearing) offers an assembly of cogs nested into each other, whose strength increases tenfold, like a family, group or a company where being united makes them stronger. The patterns also mimic the mechanisms of a watch to symbolize the passage of time while inviting their users to enjoy life.

Alchimy Trilogy

The bronze model "Alchimy Trilogy" picks up the symbolic forms of the Tournaire House: an assembly of squares, triangles and circles forming a whole representing the three stages of the evolution of life. The past is represented by the square, the present materialized by the triangle and the future by the circle. This symbolism is also dear to BIC, whose philosophy is "Honor the past, invent the future”.

50th Anniversary

This edition celebrates the 50th anniversary of the BIC 4 Colours pen with a new pattern: Fifty handprints symbolizing the different generations who have used the BIC 4 Colours over the past 50 years

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The iconic design of the BIC® 4-Color pen in three limited editions in bronze are available in three different colours: rose gold-plated bronze, yellow gold-plated bronze, and white palladium-plated bronze.
Each model of the different colours is limited and numbered:
up to 500 pens each for the editions "Engrenages" and "
Alchimy Trilogy"
and up to 150 pens for the "50 th anniversary" special edition.

All the pens are of 100% French origin, manufactured in the BIC factory near Paris and with a hand-made barrel made in the jewelry workshop of Maison Tournaire in Montbrison.

The manufacturing stage



The Tournaire Jewelry House was founded nearly 50 years ago by self-taught jeweler, Philippe Tournaire. Over the years, Philippe Tournaire passed on his passion for jewelry to his son Mathieu Tournaire, who embodies the heritage of the House ; they revolutionize the codes of traditional jewelry by bringing unusual shapes and colors.

La Jewelry Tournaire is like its creators, Philippe and Mathieu Tournaire: "Always looking for innovation and something never seen, never done. "

* Offre limitée à 500 exemplaires par stylos