BIC 4 Colours Decors Botanical Universe Series

Assorted Botanical Designs, Pack of 5

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A pack of 5 BIC 4 Colours Decors retractable ballpoint pens that revisit the iconic BIC 4 Colours pen in a playful and modern way. With these 5 different Botanical designs, immerse yourself in an elegant world of nature and beauty. Introduced in 1970, the BIC 4 Colours ballpoint pen has been used for decades by BIC consumers worldwide. Blue, black, red and green: it allows you to change colours in just one click without ever changing pens, so you can highlight notes to memorise them better. This iconic retractable pen is recognisable thanks to its round barrel, unmistakeable click, handy clip for hanging it on notebooks or lapels, and it features a hole for attaching to a lanyard. Available in several versions over the years - Grip, Fun, Mini, Shine, Fluo ... and now Decors - the BIC 4 Colours Biro pen is constantly reinventing itself to meet all your expectations. Thank you, BIC!
  • With the BIC 4 Colours Decors Botanical series of ball pens, immerse yourself in an elegant world of nature and beauty
  • Note to fans: this ballpoint pen has several collections designed to match everyone's taste
  • Blue, red, green, black: 4 ink colours to choose from, perfect for organising your notes or creative bullet journaling
  • Equipped with 4 medium 1.0 mm points, this versatile ball pen adapts to different uses, offering bold and well-defined lines
  • Made in France, this refillable ballpoint pen offers extreme durability: its 4 cartridges write a total average of 8 km
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