BIC 4 Colours Message Box

Ball Pens Medium Point - Assorted Messages, Metal Gift Box of 8

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BIC 4 Colours Message Doos - Balpennen met Medium Punt (1,0 mm) - Diverse Boodschappen, Metalen Geschenkdoos van 8 stuks
  • Assert your every mood with this fun metal box of 8 different BIC 4 Colours Messages pens in trendy designs and bold messages
  • Express yourself with cool messages like I am a Unicorn, You Rock, Dreamer, I am a Princess, Be a Hero, Fabulous, Catpower, and BFF
  • Each one has blue, red, green, and black ink all in one, just perfect for organising your notes or bullet journaling, what a nice gift
  • Equipped with 4 medium 1.0 mm points, these versatile ball pens adapt to different uses, offering bold and well-defined lines
  • Made in Europe, these refillable ballpoint pens are extremely durable with 4 cartridges that write a total average of 8 km
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BIC Is New Product No
SKU - Length / Depth 5
SKU - Width 5
SKU - Height 15.6
EAN 3086123593664
Reférence 992555
Commercial name BICᆴ 4 Colours Messages
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BIC 4 Colours Messages pens that feature cool messages on the barrels.

Cool messages

These 4 Colours Messages pens are perfects to keep yourself organised, take notes and prepare for presentations.

Convenient, full of freshness and optimism, this set focuses on positive self-expression with 8 different messages: I am a unicor, You Rock, Dreamer, I am a Princess, Be a Hero, Fabulous, Catpower, and BFF.

 4 colours in 1 pen

You can choose between blue, black, red and green, allowing you to easily colour-code your work.

As the 4 colours Orginal pen, the 4 Colours Messages' round barrel contains four retractable 1,0 mm points.

 An average writing length of 8 000 meters!

Each refilable ink cartridge writes for an average writing length of 2 km - that's a total of 0 km, making this pen a perfect tool for a prolonged use.

Made in France, these refilable ballpoint pens are extremely durable.