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The BIC 4 Colours Original Fine is a fine point version (0.8 mm) of the famous BIC 4 Colours ballpoint pen and is designed for crisp smudge-free writing. It’s the perfect pen for anyone looking for extra precision. A new twist on a timeless classic. French entrepreneur Marcel Bich introduced the BIC 4 Colours Original ballpoint in 1970, a pen that could change colours in a click without changing pens. Ground-breaking then and now many version later, the BIC 4 Colours pen is used by BIC fans around the world. Millions of BIC 4 Colours pens have been sold and they each hold a special place in someone's heart. For some it's their trusty pen, for others an essential work tool, a cherished treasure for fans of functionality. Pupils and high school students couldn't take notes without it and some artists depend on it for inspiration. You can always spot the timeless design of the BIC 4 Colours with the 2-tone barrel, convenient clip for hooking onto notebooks, and the signature lanyard hole on top. A mark of quality. This pen is made at the BIC plants in Europe based on unmatched expertise passed down the generations.
  • A fine point version of the famous BIC 4 Colours ballpoint pen: the 4 Colours Original Fine
  • The easy-flow ink paired with meticulously crafted ballpoints for seamlessly smooth writing that’s fine and exacting
  • This refillable BIC Biro pen is NF Environnement certified and made with the minimum materials required
  • Choose from blue, black, green or red – without changing pens; perfect for taking and organising notes, correcting and drawing
  • Writing is fun with the same wide round barrel as the BIC 4 Colours Original, but this one comes in orange
  • Un savoir-faire français : fabriqué dans les usines françaises de BIC depuis des décennies.
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Commercial name 4 Colours Original Fine