BIC 4 Colours

Retractable Ball Pens Medium Point Collection - Fluorescent Pen-Shaped Container of 6

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Collect your favourite BIC 4 Colours pens and decorate your desk with this colourful pen-shaped jar. It contains 6 BIC 4 Colours ballpoint pens in classic and fashion colours: 1 Original, 1 Fun (purple or turquoise), 1 Shine (metallic silver), 1 Mini, a 4-colour BIC decorated with feathers, selected by the Facebook MyBICPen fans, as well as 1 Fluo with a wide fluorescent yellow tip to highlight and circle. Write and organise your notes with a dynamic colour code in a choice of classic colours (blue, red, green and black) or fashion colours (turquoise, purple, pink, lime green and neon yellow). Each with a medium tip of 1.0 mm (1.6 mm for the fluorescent yellow ink), they provide clean and precise writing and are suitable for all uses.
  • Win-win: collect all your favourite BIC 4-colour pens and spruce up your desk at the same time with this fun and colourful pen-shaped jar
  • Contains 6 BIC 4 Colours ballpoint pens: 1 Original, 1 Fluo, 1 Shine (Silver), 1 Fun (random colour), 1 Mini and 1 Decor (feathers)
  • Organise notes and jottings with a ball pen in a choice of classic or fashion colours and highlight your work with bright neon yellow
  • Medium 1.0 mm points (1.6 mm for fluorescent yellow) deliver clear and precise ballpoint pen writing for school, office or home
  • Classic design: a two-tone round barrel and a clip on the side for pockets or notebooks. Simple as only a BIC ballpoint pen can be
More Information
Retractable YES
Line width (mm) 0,32
Point size (mm) 1
Point Type medium_pen
Type of ink Ball pen
Grip NO
Erasable NO
Refillable YES
EAN 3086123475168
Reférence 945793
Commercial name Mixed Ball Pens Added Value Retractable