BIC My Stationery Box

Gift Set with 28 writing instruments

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Treat your loved ones to a nice surprise! The BIC My Stationery Box gift set brings together a complete stationery kit in a lovely cardboard box decorated with a beautiful pink flamingo pattern. It has 10 fine-point BIC Intensity Fine pens, 6 BIC Cristal Up ballpoint pens, 4 BIC Highlighter Grip pastel highlighters, 5 BIC Marking pastel-coloured markers, 1 Tipp-Ex Mini Pocket Mouse with a pineapple and watermelon pattern, 2 blocks of sticky notes (75 x 75 mm) and an A5 notebook (14.8 cm x 21 cm) of 100 white pages. Pens and writing instruments in bright or pastel colours will brighten up your notes. For small mistakes, the iconic Tipp-Ex mouse corrector will come to your rescue. Leave small personalised notes for your loved ones and record all your projects in the notebook that you can take everywhere. This stationery set fits easily into its pretty box, re-closable with velcro, which can turn into a jewellery box or treasure chest.
  • Making an ideal gift, this complete stationery kit comes in a pretty, re-usable cardboard box decorated with flamingos
  • Contains 10 BIC Intensity Fine fine-tip felt pens and 6 BIC Cristal Up medium tip ballpoint pens for varied and colourful writing
  • Includes 4 BIC Highlighter Grip pens and 5 pastel-coloured BIC Marking markers to add a soft touch to your notes
  • The Tipp-Ex Mini Pocket Mouse follows the same theme with its pineapple and watermelon motif: correct your mistakes with a smile
  • Finally, contains 2 blocks of sticky notes and an A5 notebook of 100 white pages with the same trendy design as the box
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