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BIC Pink & Purple Set

1 Pencil Case, 9 Stationery Products

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See life in a rosy glow! The BIC Pink & Purple Set contains all the useful everyday writing instruments brought together in a handy kit.
  • This set contains 1 BIC 4 Colours Shine pink pen and 1 BIC Cristal Fun ballpoint pen with pink cap matching the colour of the ink
  • Includes BIC Intensity Fine pink felt and BIC Gelocity Illusion pink pen for effortless writing, erasing and rewriting in a rosy glow
  • For your sketches, choose between the pink BIC Evolution Fluo pencil or the purple BIC Velocity 0.7mm refillable mechanical pencil
  • 3 BIC Marking permanent markers available in 2 shades of pink and 1 purple complete the set in its beautiful pink metallic pencil case
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