BIC Shave Club 5 Blades Classic

Refills - 12 cartridges of 5 blades

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This refill kit includes 12 Refills of 5-blade razor cartridges. BIC Shave Club 5 Blades Classic : the 5-blade razor. It’s the Bic shaving creation and it’s available exclusively from the BIC.COM. The BIC Shave Club 5 Blades Classic razor is a top quality razor that combines technology with a gentle shave. The BIC Shave Club 5 Blades Classic is designed to meet the needs of men who need to shave regularly. An ergonomic handle, metal design and precision blade at the back make it an essential companion for your shave. Discover this razor at an unbeatable price without delay.
  • Lubricating strip with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E
  • Rear precision trimmer for sensitive spots such as sideburns or under the nose
  • Caution : the blades from the range « BIC Shave Club Neo – 5 blades » are not compatible with the « Bic Shave Club Classic – 5 blades » range handles
More Information
Precision blade Yes
Lubricating strip ingrediants Aloe Vera and Vitamin E
Grip Yes
Lubricating strip Yes
Movable blades Yes
Number of blades 5 blades
Pivoting head Yes
Razor specifics Male
EAN 3086123630598
Reférence 998900
Commercial name BIC Shave Club