BIC Cristal Ball Pen 70th Anniversary Limited Edition Set in Reusable Metal Box - Box of 17

Assorted Colours and Point Sizes

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BIC Cristal turns 70: celebrate our 70th anniversary with this collection of 17 BIC Cristal ballpoint pens with a vintage style metal case! The BIC Cristal ballpoint pen has an extremely simple design. Yet from a technical point of view it is quite complex. Since 1950, BIC has never compromised to consistently optimize the performance of this iconic ballpoint pen and offer consumers the same writing quality throughout the life of the pen. BIC manufactures the BIC Cristal pen in its plants with machines designed by BIC engineers. The company also produces its own inks to ensure a smooth and high-quality writing experience. Besides being a product known and used in every corner of the planet, the BIC Cristal Original pen also had the honor of being considered a work of art.The most important museums in the world, such as the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and the Musée d'Art Moderne/Pompidou Centre in Paris, have in fact added the BIC Cristal pen to their permanent collections. It is also acclaimed by artists because it can be used to write anything and to draw. As for designers, he inspired truly original and extraordinary creations including chairs, lamps, curtains and vases.
  • Celebrate our 70th Anniversary with this collection of 17 BIC Cristal ballpoint pens with a vintage style metal case
  • Contains 7 x BIC Cristal Original Ballpoint Pens (1mm) Ideal for any everyday writing task: 3 x Black, 3 x Blue, 1 x Green
  • There are the thickest 1.6mm tips: 3 BIC Cristal Large pens in black, blue and red, and 1 Cristal purple
  • 4 Cristal Up ballpoint pens 1.2 mm with white barrel and two-tone cap: 2 in classic blue and black and 2 pink and light blue
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