BIC Kids Creative

Enhances your children’s’ creativity!

Discover the range of tools to create different effects in their drawings and artist creations.

5 Items

  1. BIC Kids Evolution Illusion Crayons de Couleur Effaçables - Couleurs Assorties

    BIC Kids Evolution Illusion

    Erasable Colouring Pencils - Assorted Colours, Pack of 24

  2. BIC Kids  Magic Feutres de Coloriage Magiques - Couleurs Assorties

    BIC Kids Magic

    Medium Felt Tip Pens - Assorted Colours, Pack of 12

  3. BIC Kids Colle à Paillettes - Couleurs Métallisées Assorties

    BIC Kids Glitter Glue Metallic

    Assorted Colours, Pack of 6

  4. BIC Kids Duo Magix Crayons de Couleur Aquarellables - Couleurs Assorties

    BIC Kids Duo Magix

    Watercolour Colouring Crayons - Box of 8 + 1 Paintbrush

  5. BIC Kids Aquacouleur Crayons de Couleur Aquarellables pour Effet Peinture - Coloris Assortis

    BIC Kids Aquacouleur

    Watercolour Colouring Pencils for Painting Effect - Assorted Colours, Pack of 24

5 Items