Art & Craft Sets

Discover our creative sets and boxes suitable for all ages

Creative activity boxes for your creative hobbies (creative stationery, bullet journal, drawing, coloring, painting, lettering, calligraphy, etc.).

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  1. £19.99

    BIC Kids My Farm Colouring Kit

    12 Felt Pens/12 Wax Crayons/ 12 Colouring Pencils/1 Eraser/1 Glue Stick/6 Glitter Glue/Stickers/Paper Animals and Barn, Gift Box of 50

  2. £22.99

    BIC Kids Activity Case

    24 Colouring Pencils/24 Felt Pens/16 Crayons/36 Colouring Stickers

  3. £24.99

    BIC My Colouring Box

    Colouring Kit with 12 Markers/ 18 Colouring Pencils/ 6 Glitter Glues/ 1 Colouring Book and 36 Stickers

  4. £16.99

    BIC Kids Colouring Lunch Box

    12 Oil Pastels/12 Magic Felt Pens/6 Glitter Glue Tubes/1 Colouring Poster

4 Items