Limited Edition - BIC 4 Colours "Engrenages" Tournaire Pink

Rose gold-plated bronze retractable ballpoint pen - Box of 1 Pen

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BIC is partnering up with the prestigious jeweller Maison Tournaire to create an exceptional series of 4 Colours pens. Each model is limited to only 500 pieces. Because every pen is unique they all are numbered. Each one is made by hand just like a jewel, with the traditional skills of the Maison Tournaire jewellers. The pink « Engrenage » model, designed by the famous jeweller is made out of bronze and is rose gold plated with a polish finish. It features an assembling of cogs nested in each other whose strength increases tenfold, as within a family, a group, a company where the more there are, the more the forces multiply. The patterns also recall the mechanisms of a watch to symbolize the passage of time and inviting people to enjoy life. It is the perfect gift to give to a loved one for a birthday, a party or a graduation ceremony.
  • Classic revisited: find all the features of the BIC 4 Colours pen in this BIC x Tournaire limited edition.
  • Impeccable quality: its 4 medium points of 1.0 mm offer a perfect line for clean and precise writing.
  • Made to last: this exceptional ballpoint pen recharges in an instant. Unscrew its body and simply replace your cartridges.
  • 100% French made: this retractable pen is made in France in one of the BIC factories and in the jewellery workshop of the Maison Tournaire, with world-renowned know-how
More Information
Retractable YES
Line width (mm) 0,32
Point size (mm) 1,0
Point Type medium_pen
Type of ink Ball pen
Grip NO
Erasable NO
Refillable YES
EAN 3086123649927
Reférence 945699
Commercial name BIC® 4 Colours Tournaire
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