Highlighters Grip

Highlight your most important ideas or the key elements of your lessons and notes

The water-based ink of the BIC Highlighters does not pass through the paper. Their tip allows a flexible line, either in thick and intense line, or in finer line.

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  1. https://uk.bic.com/en/bic-highlighter-grip-highlighter-pens-adjustable-chisel-tip-assorted-intense-and-pastel-colours-pack-of-12.html BIC Highlighter Grip Surligneurs Pointe Biseautée - Couleurs Assorties Intenses et Pastel

    BIC Highlighter Grip

    Highlighter Pens Adjustable Chisel Tip - Assorted Intense and Pastel Colours, Pack of 12

  2. https://uk.bic.com/en/bic-my-message-kit-be-a-hero-stationery-set-with-1-bic-4-colours-ball-pen-1-bic-highlighter-grip-pen-blue-1-blank-notebook-a6-size-pack-of-3.html BIC My Message Kit Be a Hero - Kit de Papeterie avec 1 Stylo-Bille BIC 4 Couleurs/1 Surligneur BIC Highlighter Grip Bleu/1 Carnet de Notes A6 Blanc
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    BIC My Message Kit Be a Hero

    Set with 1 BIC 4 Colours Ball Pen, 1 BIC Highlighter Grip Pen - Blue, 1 Blank Notebook A6 Size, Pack of 3

8 Items