Tipp-Ex Mini Pocket Mouse

Correction Tape - 6 m x 5 mm, Blister Maxi Pack of 3

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To adapt to all the school pencil case and take it easy, the famous Tipp-ex correction tape is reinvented in pocket format with its Tipp-ex Mini Pocket Mousel.
  • Ultra compact: its well thought-out format is ideal for slipping into the case. Always keep your corrective roller nearby!
  • Strong covering power: an opaque white ribbon, which lets nothing show through, to rewrite without worries.
  • Ultra-resistant: its ribbon is designed not to tear and unwind efficiently, for an always impeccable result.
  • Despite its small size, the corrective mouse carries 6 meters of ribbon! What correct long hours.
  • Instant: the correction roller does not require drying time. Don't waste a second to rewrite!
  • Ingenious: a transparent case to always keep an eye on the ribbon level. Convenient to never run out!
  • For everyone: an ingenious shape for a good grip with right-handers, like left-handers. To put in all hands!
More Information
Width of the tape 5mm
Length of the tape 6m
EAN 3086123354906
Reférence 921218
Commercial name Tipp-Exᆴ Mini Pocket Mouseᆴ